Start a business in Mexico

Owning a company in Mexico

Looking to expand your business in Mexico or start anew in the vibrant Riviera Maya? Our legal team in Lorad is your dedicated partner in initiating or growing your projects. Whether it's acquiring real estate or securing work permits, navigating these steps can be complex—but our bilingual Mexican lawyers are here to guide you at every turn.

Become a business owner in Mexico

Firstly, if you're considering establishing a business in Mexico, living in the country is an option. Land ownership can differ based on whether it's through a corporation or individually.

Lorad specializes in corporate property acquisition, offering various benefits such as tax deductions through Hacienda (Mexico's IRS equivalent) or facilitating the hiring of local workers.

Expanding in Mexico holds numerous advantages. For instance, Mexico and its neighbor, the United States, have maintained strong trade relationships, as seen in the commerce statistics between the two countries in 2023.

trade MX USA

Legal Requirements to open a business in Mexico

The initial step involves creating a company through a founding charter or incorporation deed. This entity can consist entirely of foreign capital, with stakeholders being natural individuals or business entities.

Even from a distance, handling paperwork is feasible with apostilled documents—authenticated documents that function internationally. We can assist in this process, ensuring your ability to own a business in Mexico without needing in-person formalities.

Additionally, you'll require an RFC (Federal Registry of Contributors), a vital code necessary for any individual or business entity engaging in economic activities in Mexico. If you're considering starting a business in Mexico, obtaining an RFC is essential.

Furthermore, having legal representation within Mexico and a fiscal address registered under a company stakeholder's name are vital prerequisites.

Example of a Corporation RFC ID from Mexico

Setting Up a Business in Mexico: Key Steps

In conclusion, the steps towards owning a company in Mexico are:

  • Select a unique business name that adheres to international copyright laws.
  • Define the company's structure, corporate purpose, and administration details.
  • Fulfill necessary fees payable to the Public Property Registry and the Public Registry of Commerce for the Secretary of Economy.
  • Collaborate with a Mexican notary to sign the documents, ensuring the legal formation of the corporation.

We specialize in establishing foreign businesses and streamlining processes even for foreign associates.

Navigating these steps might seem intricate, especially from afar.

However, Lorad has the best attorneys to simplify the process, providing expert guidance.

Reach out, and let us assist you, doing business in Mexico does not have to be a daunting task but a wonderful adventure.

Frequently Answered Questions

Yes, Mexican law requires you to apply for a visa if you are thinking of making a direct investment, supervising it, representing a foreign corporation, or making any kind of business transaction.

We can help you apply for a mexican visa to start a business.