Our Legal Services in Mexico

Bilingual Mexican attorneys born and raised in Riviera Maya

With the expertise and dedication of our team of bilingual, English-speaking Mexican lawyers and attorneys, LORAD offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to cater to your diverse needs.
Whether you're exploring real estate investments, establishing a business, navigating the complexities of immigration requirements for working, living, or retiring in Mexico, or ensuring the proper visa or job permit, we are here to guide you at every stage.
Trust us to provide expert legal support and tailored advice, ensuring a smooth and successful journey as you embark on your endeavors in Mexico.

What can our Mexican lawyers do for you?

LORAD, led by professional lawyers and attorneys, is dedicated to providing the following legal services in Mexico, catering not only to local clients but also to our valued international clientele seeking assistance within Mexico:

Real Estate

Discover how to buy, rent or sell real estate in Mexico, while adhering to Mexican law and regulations.

Work in Mexico

Get the right permit to work in Mexico or hire citizens from the US or other parts of the world.


Trust us for civil, property, trade, and criminal litigation, including power of attorney and cancellation of timeshare contracts.

Immigration Services

Need an immigration lawyer? Navigate Mexican immigration laws and get the correct visa or permit to live and work in Mexico legally.

Business Consulting

Start and successfully run your business as a foreigner in Mexico by understanding the local requirements and regulations that you need to thrive in this country.

Intellectual Property

Know your intellectual property and copyright laws in Mexico.

Buying Real Estate in Mexico

Can a foreigner buy or sell property in Mexico?

Many American and foreign visitors have often wondered what it would be like to buy a beachfront property in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or in any other of the top destinations in the Riviera Maya.

We can help you make that dream come true. Investing in one of the best places in Mexico to own real estate is possible with the right attorneys!


Work in Mexico

Live and work in Mexico with the right visa

Are you a business owner in Mexico seeking to hire foreign workers, or an individual from a different country wanting to work in Mexico? Our experienced attorneys and lawyers specialize in securing work permits and visas, ensuring full compliance with Mexican law.




Our bilingual lawyers are here to help

Being a foreigner in another country can be challenging, especially without proficiency in the local language. Whether you're looking to purchase a property, seeking assistance with visa applications, or dealing with a divorce or timeshare case, our Mexican attorneys are here to support you every step of the way.

Share your specific needs with us, and let our dedicated team guide you through the process with expert legal assistance.


Close-up of a businessman hand pointing at a document to a client holding a pen to sign contract documents at the office.

Immigration Services

Get the right visa to live in Mexico worry-free

Fallen in love with Cancun's beaches or Tulum's vibes? Our immigration attorneys will help you get the right visa or work permit to work in Playa del Carmen or retire in Isla Mujeres.

With over 30 years in Cancun, our experienced attorneys will guide you to start your new life in Mexico. You'll just need to pick your dream spot in the Riviera Maya, and we will get you there.



Business Consulting in Mexico

Opening a business in Mexico is easy with the right representation

Our expert business consulting services cater to foreigners, including American clients, guiding them through the process of opening and starting a business in Mexico. From navigating legal requirements, registration, visa validity, to understanding international practices, we ensure your success.

Join us to unlock possibilities, leverage our expertise, and grow your business in Mexico. Learn more about our services and seize the opportunities today!